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About Pardons

Once a person is convicted of a crime in Connecticut, whether the conviction is for a felony or a misdemeanor, notice of the conviction remains on the persons official profile unless the person applies for and receives a pardon. 

A record of a misdemeanor crime on a person's profile is an irritation, but a recorded felony is a serious load to carry. It limits where the person can work and where he can travel. If he owns a business it limits with whom he can do business.

The end result of a successful application for a pardon, whether it is for a misdemeanor or a felony,  is that the record of the event is "expunged" from the person's official profile. Once expunged, the person is free to work where he wants, to obtain passports if he wants, and to do business with NASA should the occasion arise.

I provide free evaluation of eligibility and I offer application assistance for those who are found to be eligible. If you are troubled by your public record and the time seems right, contact me for an evaluation without obligation.
Two Types of Pardons

The pardon described above provides removal of all indication of a crime conviction. It is termed an expungement type of pardon. A second type of pardon is for employment purposes and does not erase your criminal history.  Such a pardon is termed a "provisional" pardon. If your record is keeping you from obtaining work related licenses etc. contact me .

Time Since Disposition

The first eligibility criteria for an expungement pardon appliction is the amount of time that has passed since the disposition of the case by the court. The required elapsed time for a misdemeanor is 3 years, but for a felony the time is 5 years.  There is no time requirement for a provisional pardon and so that application can be made at any time.
Other Eligibility Criteria

Besides the time related criteria for pardon eligibility, there are many other requirements and they are less concrete. These are indicated by Connecticut in their pardon information document. I offer a free first look analysis of eligibility. Anyone who is considering a pardon should contact the office. There is no obligation for the appraisal.  Then, if the analysis indicates that a pardon application is justified, the applicant may choose my help in developing the application.

See the page labeled Fee which shows a fixed fee for my help in preparing the application and indicates that there will also be charges for expenses such as copies which are charged at cost. The page also shows the fixed fee that Brendan charges to represent the applicant at a hearing should the need arise.

Pardon Hearings

The board of pardons is able to approve many requests for pardons solely on the information provided in the application. However, sixty percent of all approved pardons required the applicant to also appear at a hearing. I can can represent you at the hearing.