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The Indelible Ink Of The NCIC Database

by Brendan Putman on 01/23/13

In 1967 the director of the FBI, Herbert Hoover, established the National Crime Information Center. He directed all law enforcement agencies, city, state and federal, to report the names and profiles of anyone arrested of a crime. That direction is still in effect today. The databse is of considerable help to those who fight crime, but certain aspects of the database flaunt America's "innocent until proven guilty" assumption. Once on the list, there is no way off. Were you found Innocent at trial? Too late, your name, fingerprints and a barage of personal data are recorded for evermore. Death? You can leave but your name stays. There is a field provided for recording the resolution of the case. The obligation of the courts to report that information is not as well defined as the obligation of law enforcement to record the arrest in the first place. With some effort you can discover what has been recorded of you. See see record access procedures. If you have further questions, email me.

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1. Rick Araya said on 1/5/22 - 07:41AM
So if you have never been fingerprinted you are not likely to be on there?

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